Hot Tubs

Our spas designing great spas is our specialty and our passion. We go to great lengths to ensure that every detail of the spa contributes to your comfort and creates the ultimate relaxation experience. The pleasing lines of our spa shell are both attractive and functional, providing strategic locations for lighting, jets, and features.


Hot Tubs

Controls are within easy reach, seat contours and depths provide maximum comfort, and there are a variety of seating options in each spa for your enjoyment.

Beautiful waterfalls, top up LED fountains ,  LED colour changing lighting, are only some of the features we include to enhance your spa experience.

Your Spa is a work of art designed to deliver functional beauty to your home or backyard by our team.

Our Spas offers the most innovative spa massage features ever developed
Each of our spa has a variety of massage features that will create the ultimate in hydrotherapy relief for you. Through years of experience and close cooperation with physiotherapists, our partners have designed a variety of massage experiences that are unique for us .

While you are enjoying our spa, you are being a good steward of both your budget and the environment. Our spas are designed to reduce energy consumption through a variety of innovative features. Hybrid Heating™ technology supplements the heat produced by the electric heater. Specially designed massage pumps agitate the water molecules through friction, which generates heat, thereby easing energy consumption by the heater.

Our Balboa programmable controls allow you to set the times when your spa will turn on and off, and the low-wattage filtration pump uses only a small amount of electricity to keep your water sparkling clean.

Triple layer insulation, extra thick walk-on safety cover and  the floor support shroud your Spa with one of the most effective heat containment designs available.

Our Spas are designed to perform and built to last. Quality components and precise manufacturing combine to create one of the most fully featured and innovative spas available.

The American acrylic shell is reinforced with vinyl-ester resin laminates that are applied by hand. The shell is supported by a durable synthetic support structure that will ensure that you can enjoy your spa for years to come.

The entire base of the spa is enclosed with a synthetic floor support, providing integral seat supports and structural integrity.
We deliver superior design, quality components, and experienced craftsmanship in a spa that will provide you and your family with years of enjoyment.