Central vacuum systems

Since 1991, Disan has been involved exclusively in the development and production of Central Vacuum Systems for domestic and commercial applications.

The clear position of Disan, as specialist of central vacuum, is the best guarantee for a high competitive and innovative product. Central vacuum installations are an excellent way to supplement your buildings, getting an innovative and healthier system.


Central vacuum systems

It is recognized from all “green building” institutes as an effective improvement on indoor environmental quality and energy savings.
The innovative products introduced by Disan improve the quality of life at home and work places where we spend most of our time and where hygiene and clean air are highly important.

Central vacuum systems consist of a power unit that is usually mounted in the utility room, garage, or basement of a home and a series of inlet valves where a 9 – 15 m hose can be connected. Central vacuum cleaners, also referred to as a built in vacuum, have become increasingly popular as of late, with many brands manufacturing these powerful vacuum cleaners. There are many advantages to owning one of these machines. While most portable machines are inexpensive, they simply do not last. When you install a central vac in your home, you'll find that the power unit will last up to 25 years without needing to be replaced. These systems are also much more powerful than a standard sweeper. This is because the motors in a whole house vacuum are exponentially larger than the 12 amp motor found in a canister or upright.

Powerful Suction and Filtration
With the large motors in these machines comes powerful cyclonic suction. When paired with HEPA filtration to remove 99.97% of all dust and allergens from the air, these units are highly effective in cleaning your home. However, central vacuums are capable of being even more efficient than any HEPA filter. When exhausted outdoors, these systems are actually 100% effective in removing harmful particles from the air. This completely eliminates harmful dust, dirt and allergens from being emitted back into your home, leaving your family healthy and allergy free.

These built in vacuums are also more convenient than any portable sweeper. Instead of carrying a heavy upright or canister vacuum cleaner up and down flights of stairs, you can mount your hose and accessories right on the wall nearest your inlet. This saves you time and energy while cleaning and helps you to enjoy an easier cleaning experience. Perhaps one of the best advantages of using a central vacuum system in your home is that these systems are completely customizable. Whether you have heavy carpeting in your home or mainly hard flooring, there are tools and attachments available to cater to your unique cleaning needs.