Central vacuum systems

What we want most is to make life easier for you.

What we want most is to make life easier for you and at AIRBLU we work every day to make this happen by producing central vacuum systems.
To make your life easier means to provide you with a cleaning system characterised by innovation, quality and safety which can guarantees the maximum hygiene and healthiness in the environments where we live. Meanwhile it is practical and economical.

For this reason AIRBLU central vacuum units have been rigorously tested in university laboratories obtaining the certificates of conformity with the community standards of the sector. For this reason we have chosen construction philosophies and materials which are innovative in their simplicity, like the casing of the central vacuum unit's type PG built in injected plastic reinforced fibre glass, thanks to your constant contribution in terms of ideas and advices.


The innovations introduced by technological progress improve the quality of life especially at home, in the places where we work and live. This characteristic is the result of innovative vacuum systems. For this reason, the hygiene of those environments and clean air are very important.

AIRBLU central vacuum systems is the ideal solution to eliminate dust, dust mites and pollen which are normally present where we work and live

This characteristic is the result of an innovative vacuum system which, by means of a fixed piping line (under floor or false ceiling), conveys the dust to the central vacuum unit, located in a utility room, and then vents the filtered air outside the building.
AIR BLU system doesn't release any residual dust including the micro-dust that the filters don't retain.

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The cleaning you have never imagine.

By using AIRBLU system you can clean without dragging an uncomfortable vacuum cleaner from one room to another, reducing hard work and time employed, guaranteeing a more accurate cleaning. By using the light and practical AIRBLU flexible hose you easily reach every hidden surfaces of your home, reducing the time you would normally dedicate for cleaning your house.

The role played by a central vacuum system in reducing the presence of dust mites and dust is testified by the most important American research foundations which study asthma and allergy problems (Allergy Research Foundation, Prudential Foundation, National Jewish Center).They have included the installation of a central vacuum system in a list of recommendations which should be respected in order to prevent these pathologies, by reason of the hygiene, cleaning action and air recirculation produced by this system.

Silence to have no limits.

It is possible to use AIRBLU central vacuum system at any moment of the day because it is very silent. AIRBLU system is not noisy because the central vacuum unit is located outside the place where it is used. Moreover, the unit is soundproof thanks to the use of acoustic insulation material.

Low purchase cost, few maintenance and easy use to improve the quality of your life.

To choose AIR BLU central vacuum systems means to add value to the buildings where it is installed and create a solid competitive advantage for businesses or organisations where hygiene and healthy air are fundamental.

AIR BLU suggests its central vacuum system at a lower price compared to the amount you would spend for an efficient cleaning and a deserved relax.

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