Swimming pool slides made of polyester and fiberglass material.
Our range in slides consists of curved -right or left- and straight slides in light blue colour that does not fade away.  
The sliding part of the unit is equipped with high enough ramps to provide safety and special support base underneath with two legs that stabilize the slide on the floor.
The strong aluminum handrails at the sides of the ladder and anti-slipping step surfaces secure the swimmer's way on the top of the slide.
The slides are supplied with one or two water nozzles that sprinkle water on the sliding part.
The slides can be easily installed on pools that are in the building process as well as in existing pools.

• Polyester and fiberglass material
• Anti-slipping step surface
• Support base underneath the
  sliding-surface-part (slide-body)
• Water nozzles sprinkling water along the
  sliding surface
• Tall side ramps aside the slide for extra
• Aluminium, epoxic painted handrails with
  white colour
• Easy and fast installation
• Body slide in light blue colour
• Height: 1,20m - 2,00m

Available - Straight and curve slide

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