LED Lighting



Quality of Light

Lighting is a key factor in the comfort and aesthetics of every environment. Before LED lighting, you had to reduce the quality of your lighting in order to save energy. While compact fluorescents have been useful in reducing power consumption, their harsh light, non-dimmability and slow response means they're far from the ultimate answer.


Environmentally Responsible

With LED products, now you can have clean, clear light directed exactly where you want it. Our lights contain no toxic mercury, unlike the common compact fluorescent bulb. They last 100.000 hours, compared to 1,000 hours for an halogen light bulb.


Big Energy Savings

Best of all, in a time of rising energy prices, you can save 80% or more on your lighting energy compared to halogen lights. At first, you may be surprised at the initial cost of our LED lights. When you look closer, you understand how inexpensive they really are! Depending on how many hours per day your lights are on, you can get payback in 12-18 months.


Save on Bulb Replacement Costs Too

The energy savings alone make a compelling enough case for LED lighting - replacing a 150 watt halogen light with an 16 watt LED is a huge saving. However, when you factor in the long life of our LEDs, the picture gets even brighter. On average, you'd have to buy about 18 halogen lights during the life of a single LED light! The cost of replacement bulbs alone pays for the LED over its lifetime - AND you get huge energy savings as well.


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