Solar Pool Pumps

The conventional residential swimming pool pump uses electricity from AHK’s grid. On average, in Cyprus, the cost of that electricity is about 80 € for a residential pool (conventional pool pump 1,5 HP - 1,1 KW operated 8 hours per day on average).

If that pump can be replaced with one that doesn’t require electricity from the grid, the pool owner can use that savings to pay for the cost of a solar powered pool pump.

Why buy a Solar Pool Pump?

  1. Power your pool water system for free using the energy of the sun.
  2. The average life of a conventional pool pump is 3 to 5 years. The life expectancy of the pool pump is 10 or more years.
  3. The average life expectancy for photovoltaic panels is more than 25 years.
  4. The Pool Pump system operates with absolutely zero electrical cost. Completely eliminating the need to pay for electricity to run the pool pump.
  5. Our Solar Pool Pumps are virtually maintenance-free for residential & commercial use.
  6. The solar pool pump is powerful enough to operate with existing pool heaters and automatic pool cleaners.
  7. Zero CO2 emissions.
  8. The Solar Powered Pool Pump system can increase the value of a home up to 20 times the annual electrical savings.

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