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Solar Systems

 Lagoudes & Kokis Company operates in renewable energy sources area and offers complete solutions in Photovoltaic systems. Our highly trained staff undertakes planning and studying of photovoltaic systems, technical support and installation as well as maintenance of the system after the connection to the EAC net. So far, over 160 P/V systems have been installed across the country and they are distributed to the following categories:

1.    Photovoltaic systems for pool pumps
2.    Interconnected P/V systems (Net metering 3kw)
3.    Autonomous P/V systems
4.    SAVIOR pool systems

  Solar pool pumps     Net Metering    Floatron

Photovoltaics System For Swimming pools


Photovoltaics system residential - NET METERING SYSTEM


Photovoltaics systems for multy reasons

   savior 1100        
  Savior Pool Systems